We Love Xiaxue!


For too long has Xiaxue been villified and pillored by jealous bloggers and journalists alike. She was recently honoured in a local publication for her dressing, managing a noteworthy place in their Top Ten list. She co-stars in a widely-acclaimed television show, Girls Out Loud. Even thegreatsze, once observed to be the smartest person amongst a group of eminent scholars, thinks she is class. Similarly, the ass-whooping she dished out to Mia Tan recently only served to elevate her cult status. The first full-time blogger in Singapore, and the winner of the Asia Blog Awards since 2003, Xiaxue is indeed Singapore’s pride and joy.

In her latest entry, Xiaxue has outdone herself. Finally, someone who dares admit that she enjoys being raped by good-looking men! The secret that women have hidden from men behind an articifial facade of coyness and modesty – it’s all a sham as revealed by Xiaxue! Truth is, everyone who goes clubbing is a slut/whore/gangbanger, and should therefore be treated like one. Why bother with the whole charade of buying them a drink and acting all manly? Instead, just get them pissed drunk, carry their barely-conscious bodies to your vehicle stationed nearby, and enjoy!

Men around the world, heed this advice. If a girl says she doesn’t want to have sex with you, she’s lying. If you manage to play tongue-hockey with a girl in a club, you are so going to get laid. After all, girls think that “logically, if you agree to kissing, dirty-dancing, then you should be mostly agreeable to going all the way.” Oh, and that nagging sense of guilt you feel tugging away at your conscience after when you realise you might as well have committed necrophilia? Don’t worry about it! They aren’t even going to feel traumatized by the experience. If anything, they’ll be honoured that someone as good-looking as you consented to sleeping with them.

If you are unlucky enough to get arrested by the police, just wave the above-mentioned article by Xiaxue in front of the judge’s face before smugly waving your dick around and going, “who else wants to have a piece of this?” If you’re lucky enough to get a female/gay judge, you can even counter-sue the damn bitch for trying to have her cake and eat it. What, as if having sex with you wasn’t good enough, right?

Oh and if you’re worried about the credibility of Xiaxue, again, lay your worries down. She isn’t alone in thinking so. Countless people have commented, claiming that they would gladly trade places with the “rape victim”, seeing as the “rapist” in question was such a hottie. As an example, someone called anonymous annoyed Gravatarhighlighted that:

“good looking 21 year old convict-to-be charged with raping a phillipina. THIS IS TOO SAD. count that girl lucky he raped her. drop that dude at orchard towers and then check how many of such women would be queuing up to get raped by him. doh”

Similar comments abound. We should all rejoice that feminism has been single-handedly brought back to the stone ages. Those must have been good times! Let’s just hope that parliament gets its act together, and legalise the whole knocking girls on the heads with clubs thing. I mean, like helllloooooo, they so want to get raped lor.


9 Responses to “We Love Xiaxue!”

  1. 1 Zhenz

    oh well .. she always attracts controversy … well women are protected by the law anyway … i guess tough luck for the marine … not that i agree with what he did, just that i believe that alot more people have experienced such atrocity and got away with it …

  2. You, unfortunately, sound like you are speaking from experience. Attracting controversy is one thing, seeking it like a two-dollar whore is something else altogether. I seriously doubt XX is unaware of her audience and the spike in blog hits whenever she writes something sensational. I think she realizes that mrbrown is steadily attracting an increasing number of viewers, and she’s trying her utmost to shift attention back onto herself.

    Speaking of which, how come the gahmen will take action against mrbrown for a humorous look at gahmen policies, yet let this stupid girl basically advocate rape? Someone’s gotta do something to silence her – imagine what foreigners reading her blog think about s’poreans man.

  3. 3 bik

    or what they think about Singaporean women…

  4. she makes a qualification between “asking for” and “deserving”. go figure.

    secretly, however, I agree with her.

    now it’s not so secret. shhhhh.

  5. Her attempting to remain marketable and controversial is one thing, fine by me yeah. We all have to make a living.

    What disgusts me, however, are how stupid some people can be. The comments she gets just make me wonder – are the youth of today really in such dire straits? Is there any hope left at all!

  6. 6 Zhenz

    talk is cheap … i think if she kena one time jialat jialat then it will shut her trap … empathy comes from experience .. well most of the time at the very least, i seriously doubt she has the emotional and mental capability to understand the feelings that arise from situations beyond her experience.

    aiyah … fuck that crap lah .. why u visit her blog? tmd for that matter why u make me visit her blog! add to her hits …. bah i going to some blasting now .. ciao dudes!

  7. 7 jj

    Hmm… I dunnoe about how it is locally, but the only mention of her was on Gizmondo’s hottest bloggers. So I think she’s just appealing to the baser nature of guys. Sensationalistic perhaps, but ultimately she’s just a celebrity at home. Nothing more. Attention seeking whore(?) are not just restricted to SG, but I haven’t made any effort to document their behaviours.

  8. 8 db

    shes too easy to smackdown man, take on one of those senseless jokers we always talk about.

  9. 9 passerby

    well, although i like some of the things she wrote, there are some which I think are just to screwed. This is one I cannot agree with her & you.

    If all gals think the same as you gals do, rapists will go rampant. This is a preposterous thought. And if men believed you, then handsome dudes are going to start thinking that they can get away with rapes.

    … 6_6||

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