SCGS – The Art of Music


I went to SCGS for a concert on Saturday, a concert put up by the music school “The Art of Music“. On top of being able to lend some support to an up-and-coming music school, it gave me a chance to tour SCGS, without security guards and teachers harrassing me (been there, done that).

The concert itself was entertaining. Several of the performers demonstrated potential, and nerves were normally dispelled after the opening bars to their songs. There was even a laudable performance by two SC primary students, who belied their age with a fine display of gumption. While Amos Ang appeared to be the unofficial crown jewel of the school, I personally felt that Jemima impressed more with her singing. The guest performances by Jasmine Tye and Sugianto were good examples of polished singing that the students can seek to emulate. Sugianto, in particular, impressed with his showmanship and ease in stage banter.



SCGS is a beautiful school, and its architecture and eye for details impart a lot of character into the institution. The concept of having class balconies that overlook a garden and pond is something one wouldn’t expect of an educational complex. Given my fond history with SCGS, it was rather exciting to finally have a guided tour of the place.


3 Responses to “SCGS – The Art of Music”

  1. 1 jj

    SCGS… Good times eh.

  2. 2 zhenz

    Great times me thinks …

  3. Yup, time for you two to take heed 🙂

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