Jurisprudential woes



NUS law students are too pampered. For most modules, we deal with 1 X assignment + 1 X exam in a semester. No such thing as mid-terms. Our weekly contact hours come up to.. around 15 hours? And yet, we find ourselves flopping about like fish out of water every single time exams come round. It’s as if 3 years of last minute mugging and pre-exam panic has not taught any of us any lessons.

On wednesday, I will sit for the first closed book exam in 6 years. How can one be humanly expected to commit phrases such as ‘institutional fetishism as imagined identification of highly detailed and largely accidental institutional arrangements with abstract institutional concepts like representative democracy, a market economy, or a free civil society’? It is cruel, inhumane, and downright unnatural for law students to be expected to actually know their stuff instead of just copying out prepared essays

As a fervent supporter of classical natural law theory, I therefore conclude that having closed-book exams is a violation of natural law, being absolutely unjust and immoral, and we should therefore not be required to sit for exams on wednesday.

On a wholly separate note, fans of Seinfeld ought to know by now that Kramer (or rather, Michael Richards, who acts as him) is a revolting racist. I actually have quite a lot to say about how black rappers so freely call each other ‘niggas’ in their songs, and how black comedians get away with racially insulting whites, but I think i’ll save that for after exams.

To view his amazing tirade, have a look at the video below.


10 Responses to “Jurisprudential woes”

  1. 1 db

    i have never understood what is ‘that was uncalled for’. a lot of comments in life could slip into that category. ditto ‘low blow’. what in the world is that.

    its also interesting to note that race and gender bias are so deeply frowned upon but not many other equally important issues which should similarly be condemned. you know what im talking about. if this is our vestige of objective truth than its terribly alarming.

  2. 2 zhenz

    i am captain planet .. save the world and not take written exams!

  3. Speaking of captain planet, I can’t believe that they let someone writing about him and teenage mutant ninja turtles get published in the forum.

  4. as for db, I guess most people don’t share your world-view on that, inasmuch as I do hahaha. I actually found the people who continued laughing in the audience thinking that it was a joke more disturbing than the racist remarks themselves. Stupidity is a much bigger problem, in my opinion.

  5. 5 Jammy

    NUS law students too pampered!? Compared with? Danish students are too pampered. Thats for sure.

  6. Compared with NUS engine students! Cannot have international comparison lah, especially not with Denmark. That being said, apparently most UK colleges have closed book exams for law. yikes.

  7. 7 zhenz

    life is unfair … we must move on …

  8. 8 zhenz

    life goes on … life goes on …life goes on …life goes on …life goes on …life goes on …

  9. I need shiyao to quickly fix his comments box, so that I will not be the sole recipient of your spam.

  10. 10 zhenz

    need to relieve stress …. want to cheong next week?

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