It’s our road too


Probably the most common grouse one hears about cycling in Singapore – Singaporean drivers all believe they own the road. They channel their frustrations and inadequacies onto the road, and as a result, everyone suffers. Nissans become Maseratis, Mitsubishis – Lamborghinis. And don’t even get me started on taxi and bus drivers. They seem to take some sort of sadistic pleasure in forcing a cyclist to the very edge of a road, and sometimes, off it.

goolelane2tn.jpgYes, we have no space for a teeny cycling lane in Singapore. This in spite of there always being massive roadworks being done to our roads. The main problem here isn’t the lack of such a cycling lane, it’s more with how inconsiderate Singaporean drivers can be. You really don’t see European drivers behaving like this – heck, even American drivers aren’t so bad. Give a Singaporean a car however, and he’ll plough down anyone in his way.

It’s frightening enough having to deal with drain covers and horribly hilly slopes in Singapore. Please, give us a break and don’t let us have to worry about rogue drivers smashing into us from the rear.

And please, drive within the speed limit. I don’t want myself or my bike being pulverized.



8 Responses to “It’s our road too”

  1. 1 zhenz

    that must have hurt …

  2. no shit, sherlock

  3. 3 jj

    Actually, the thing about bad driving is not racially exclusive. I’ve seen ang mohs speed up when i cross the road.

  4. Really? I’m not saying its racially exclusive, but just that European drivers tend to be more considerate towards cyclists as an entity. Maybe they just didn’t see you (ahem) 😛

  5. 5 jj

    Haha, okie lah. Maybe cos they are used to having a bike lane on the roads, but my point is bad drivers are bad drivers not singaporeans or americans or any single citizenship.

  6. 6 zhenz

    maybe they just want some road kill?

    ang mo 1 (in brit accent): Oh my, what on EARTH is that spot over there?

    ang mo 2: Seems like a blob of jay on the road over there …

    ang mo 1: oh .. why of course! silly me … someone must have wanted some road kill to fill the pot hole … cheerio!

    think u r better off taking the bus lah .. dun ever cross the road … the pot holes are big in america i heard …

  7. 7 jj

    …. Y ang moh in US speak with brit accent?

  8. 8 zhenz

    omfg … that’s lamer than a frog with no legs …

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