It recently struck me how little I know of Singapore’s history. When I was over in London, I was enthralled by the stories behind their monuments and discussions of their past. Yet, my limited knowledge of Singapore extends mainly to Sang Nila Utama and Sir Stamford Raffles.

resize-wizard-1.jpgWhich is a reason why I’m very interested in getting my hands on Singapore: The Encyclopedia. From the reviews, it seems to offer an eclectic pick of Singapore’s personalities and landmarks. I guess all that’s holding me back at the moment is the $75 price tag (speaking of which, some people still owe me $70 for my self-bought birthday present, *cough cough*)


Currently though, i’m fortifying my political local knowledge by reading Lee’s Law. Having already read about Francis Seow’s account in ‘To Catch a Tartar’, i’m now curious to find out more about JBJ in particular. Anyway for the interested, the above book is available in the CJ Koh Law Library, so it’s not like I brought in a banned book or anything ok.

Maybe after reading all these books i’ll be better equipped to handle the politics of law school.


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