Music to my ears


Culturally, there's probably no place in the world that comes close to London. Musicals, plays, museums, galleries, concerts.. the list goes on and on. The street performers themselves are brilliant enough to front any set in Singapore. Diversity is the name of the game, with acts like Guns n' Roses (at the Hammersmith Apollo) to the London Symphony Orchestra (at the Barbican) all playing just last night.

I've been trying my best to soak in all the art and architecture that surrounds me – just a few shots of the places i've been to so far:


Shakespeare's Globe (currently showing Titus Andronicus)


The beautiful British Museum (colonising bastards!)


Requisite shot of the ol' dame, Big Ben


A grand trilogy of musicals

Since work beckons tomorrow, i'll save my musical reviews for next time. Suffice to say Les Miserables never ever fails to disappoint, and the Producers was pleasantly good. The Phantom of the Opera was mediocre, largely due to an inept lead Christine (the understudy was playing the role when I caught it!).

Total amount spent on musicals so far: £80, and worth every single cent.

I'll be trying to grab last minute cheap tickets for Billy Elliot tomorrow, so i'll be crossing my fingers!




3 Responses to “Music to my ears”

  1. 1 jj

    I wanna be a producer… Hilarious!

  2. Alright dude! You caught it too? Ulla was… beyond words. Ven you got it, flaunt it!

  3. 3 jj

    Haha yeah. I saw the broadway production. Didn’t regret paying 50 bucks for the tickets.

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