Honour IP


I'm sure you've all seen the HIP advertisement flashing on all good theatre screens in Singapore before. You know, the one that goes "You wouldn't steal a car… You wouldn't steal a handphone… You wouldn't steal a DVD. Piracy is stealing". Now I always felt that was rather ineffective. First of all, comparing piracy to stealing a car is akin to comparing a tricycle and a ship. Secondly, I would steal a car/handphone/DVD if I knew I could get away with it, which is exactly what piracy allows.

Anyway, I think the video below would be a much better advert against piracy – at least it's funny, and there's a strategic and completely irrelevant placement of a chio japanese girl. Maybe next time i'll go work in the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore and make these important policy decisions.


4 Responses to “Honour IP”

  1. 1 jj

    I think it’s Thai

  2. 2 Rossiwussilo

    I seem to be responding to your thoughts a few blogs late, but well its never too late. I just read the part on starvation in Africa. Got me thinking awhile back of an experience I had.

    We go through law school, become a lawyer, a partner perhaps and then having become beyond comfortable, we decide to have the time and money to contribute, if we even do. By then, its 30 years of sitting and doing nothing and becoming a victim of circumstances (in this case our legal careers), just like how those kids are victims of theirs. Poverty and sickness eversince JC has become a General Paper like discussion and it does not impinge us emotionally anymore, I mean whats new. Then they say, but you can’t change the situation even if you did something. I guess then the only thing that convicts us probably would be, are we willing to make a few lives better.

    I don’t profess to be a moral policeman; I too am a victim, I do struggle being one. Watch “Motorcycle diaries” on dvd. I just wanted to know more about Che Guevera, but I got alot more out of it.

    And yea porn is another problem. Hah.

  3. Thanks for commenting ross. I think what you said will strike a chord with anyone reading, the problem is whether that’s enough. It’s taking the next step to help via donations/community service etc. that’s difficult I think. I only realised the full extent of the problem in Africa after doing Public International Law – I was appalled at the conditions and what the major powers were doing, or rather not doing, to help. Maybe we should organise something in our final year in Law, akin to the Pro Bono Society, except with an outreach to other countries in need.

    Coincidentally, I’m currently reading a book on the life of Che Guevara and it’s really inspirational. His nomadic lifestyle from youth, and his passion and zeal in pursuing what he believed in is amazing. I’ve always wanted to catch the Motorcycle Diaries – if you have the DVD, lend it to me when I get back yeah?

  4. 4 Rossiwussilo

    Yea good idea. We could do that … our grad trip! Yea lend it to you when you’re back.

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