‘Ray of Hope’ for women


A beauty company's creative department went into overdrive and chanced upon a killer combination – a slimming tan. Bliss has developed a sunscreen with "sun-activated slender spheres"


In a fat-fighting formulating first, we've preloaded our newest sunscreen with slender spheres™—microscopic molecules that unleash body contouring caffeine (and carnitine and centella asiatica) when they're exposed to the sun. It's a two-in-one.

A sunblock that melts away fat as you bask on the beach! And aptly named too, I must add. But, body-contouring caffeine? Reading about this product helped me understand why all the ah peks you see drinking kopi at the neighbourhood coffeeshop all look slightly emaciated.

The British Dietetic Association calls the claims "nonsense". Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong with the product, as long as it gets more bikini-clad babes out on the beaches.


Then again, this product appears to be targeting white pasty fat flabby women. Maybe not then.


3 Responses to “‘Ray of Hope’ for women”

  1. 1 shin

    matt and i saw a book on karma sutra – pictures included! and we instantly thought of you. if we had more cash on us we really would have bought it for you. thanks for the wonderful time we spent in london! 🙂

  2. 2 Ross

    Hey woonkie,

    ok i shall reply on your new blog, but whats with the new blog? Baker endorses wordpress? Hope you are having fun in London, its still my favourite place, nothing beats a nice stroll down the streets of London. Baker treating you well yes? Certainly on the money part seeing then you are clubbing and watching musicals on a weekly basis! I didnt know Indranee Rajah was an NMP but if she’s 10 X ahead of those blokes, I cant imagine where does our Ms Singapore stand. HOpe to hear from you soon.

    with love,
    Rossiwussilo (i dunno how you guys spell it)

  3. Shin – so sweet of you and Matt to think of me in lake district. I’ll go check out the bookshop you so kindly recommended then. Thank you and Matt for accommodating me in London, and see you back in Singapore!

    Rossiwussilo (well-spelt btw) – London is gorgeous, but where I work a stroll = a freezing brisk walk. Look forward to meeting up with you back in Singapore mate.

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