Boys love gadgets


Can anybody guess what this is?

potty bench.jpg

At first glance, I thought it was the latest add-on to the Microsoft Xbox 360.


But no, it's much more powerful than a crappy Xbox. It's a Potty Bench, with two enclosed side storage spaces for organising potty training supplies, a pull-out drawer for those all important wipes, an in-built toilet paper holder and a removable soft deflector shield.

Sure beats the potties of old.


I'm so gonna get that for my lucky kid in the future.


2 Responses to “Boys love gadgets”

  1. 1 dawn

    hahaha i like this gadget much better than the other one u put up on your old blog. how u have evolved (thanks to me). =p

  2. ah and to think i was just thinking of putting up my old gadget again. oops!

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